GramCover is India’s gateway of rural insurance. We plan to build business around creating innovative product and distribution solutions for selling insurance in rural India. As a strategy we shall initially target selling the subsidised crop insurance ( focusing on non loanee) through a tech enabled platform, thereby bringing in distribution and servicing efficiencies to the rural markets, subsequently it will be leveraged to sell the general insurance products as well.

Further, GramCover aims to target developing non subsidized customized crop insurance solutions largely for commercial crops where farmer’s are looking for crop / weather peril specific risk coverage. Therefore, GramCover’s higher thrust would be on non loanee farmers and will build a reputation for itself, thereby making gradual inroads to customized crop insurance solutions.

The major thrust of GramCover would be on non loanee, loanee and retail market of crop Insurance. We concentrate under Unified Package Insurance Scheme covering Buildings, Personal Accident Insurance, Agriculture pump set Insurance, Agriculture Tractor Insurance, Student Safety Insurance, Life Insurance etc. We are flourishing or business in positive synergy with Corporates, Cooperative, RRB (Regional Rural Banks), Micro Finance Institutions, NGO’s, Seed companies, and commodities etc.

GramCover shall be branded to perpetuate itself deeper into rural India by partnering with Micro Finance companies, NGO’s, Trust’s etc. We aim to make GramCover a de facto choice of farmers to cover all risk covered under general insurance. GramCover will begin by taking the insurance experience for the farmers online. As per our experience, farmers understand the primacy of data and once the data translates into money, they will prefer going online. Therefore, GramCover will be online insurance brand that will bring transparency and faith to farmers through instant access. We shall engage farmers via sms / telecom providers services in order to gain visibility. In this endeavour, we shall push the information of weather forecasting and crop advisory services, urging him/ her to understand the need of insurance coverage.