In the Indian agricultural system, farmers are mostly dependent on cattle for agricultural activities. Rather they are complimentary to each other for gaining better agricultural productivity and livelihood. This is much relevant for small and marginalized farmers across the country.In case of sudden untoward incident or calamity, loss of cattle may add considerable loss to farmers, which seriously affects their livelihood.
At GramCover, we have designed cattle insurance exclusively for you in the name of “Maveshi Bima Yojana” to provide insurance coverage for indigenous and exotic cattle owned by individuals, Micro Finance Institutions, NGOs, Dairy Farms, Co-operatives etc.

Salient Features

  • Policy coverage is given to person having cattle of either sex declared healthy by the certified Veterinary doctor.
  • Insurance coverage shall be applied in case of cattle deaths due to accidents, disasters, disease outbreak, surgical operations etc.
  • Insurance will also be applicable to insured cattle died outside the jurisdiction of insurer due to droughts, epidemics and other natural disasters.
  • Maveshi Bima Yojana shall also cover risks of permanent disability of cattles.