Facultative Reinsurance

With expertise in structuring and handling reinsurance programs, our team of specialists provide tailor made solutions for delivering & managing solutions that go beyond the industry standards. GramCover’s involvement goes beyond reinsurance placement and settlement of claims. Our experts understand the risk from likelihood and impact of diverse risks, and leverage technology & data analysis to monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of those risks

Our team is geared to provide facultative reinsurance for:

  • Crop Insurance
  • Property
  • Engineering
  • Liability
  • Specialty lines – Terrorism

Treaty Reinsurance

Team GramCover is well equipped to provide comprehensive reinsurance placement with good securities in Indian & International market through proportional & non-proportional reinsurance. With our automated (re)insurance back office tools,  we aim to provide settlement and reconciliation of accounts at  most reasonable response time.

Crop Insurance – Yield based & Weather based

Agriculture risk not only impacts the underwriter, but also affects the whole agri-business supply chain. Each of the participants along the supply chain, from the suppliers of inputs to the end consumer, are subject to these risks. With Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana the total exposure in crop insurance is expected to exceed USD 25,000 Million in years to come. GramCover offers a cradle to grave support for underwriting, risk management and claim estimation.

Difficulties in crop underwriting mainly arise because of the nature of the risk, asymmetries of information in underwriting, the geographical dispersion of agricultural production and the complexity of the biological processes of production. To have a better understanding of the risk and make better decisions about rating of risk, GramCover is committed to provide insurers, reinsurers and risk managers with most advanced under-writing information and up-to-date modelling and analytical information.

GramCover aims to provide innovative technologies, like use of remote sensing, UAVs etc. for risk management during the entire crop life cycle by way of

  • Crop Acreage estimation
  • Pest Detection
  • Crop Health Monitoring (for biotic & abiotic stress during crop life cycle)
  • Modelling for yield and production estimate

The likelihood of large numbers of claims and even catastrophe claims arising from the same event is magnified. GramCover, as a preferred risk partner, uses latest technology to assess the estimation of losses and control insurance related frauds.